alcohol, drugs & tobacco

Alcohol, Drugs & Tobacco

Using, possessing, or procuring tobacco and/or alcohol is prohibited, on or off campus.  Upon probable cause, students are subject to alcohol testing by a University Official.  Refusal to comply with testing when requested will be considered a violation of the University's policy against alcohol usage.

Being in the presence of, using, possessing, or procuring illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia, and the improper use of prescription drugs is prohibited.  Drug testing may be required when a student exhibits behavior that indicates there may be use of illegal drugs.  Such "for cause" situations include, but are not limited to: 1) erratic behavior; 2) violent behavior; including altercations; 3) changes in behavior; 4) evidence of physical symptoms associated with drug use; 5) anything that can give someone a reasonable , sincere belief that the individual is using illegal drugs.  With the pre-approved Residential Life Board Drug Testing Policy Process, and immediate consultation of the Vice President of Student Development, a decision will be made as to whether a test should take place.

For specific policy information, please refer to the student handbook.