Patrol Division

Patrol Division Responsibilities

Campus Safety Patrol Division focuses on three primary areas of responsibility. The first area of responsibility is Emergency Response.  Campus Safety performs basic first responder tasks; coordinates emergency services, assists emergency personnel and local law enforcement as needed, and serves as liaisons between first responders and the University.

Secondly, through patrol methods and community policing the Department focuses on and communicates with the outside general public. When necessary, redirects or refers community character issues to local law enforcement agencies.

The last area of focus is loss prevention and crime prevention.  The Department performs audits of the campus and makes recommendations to the executive administration for improvement.  Such as increased lighting, shrub or tree removal, and public safety hazard removal or repair.

Campus Safety officers on campus are not sworn law enforcement officers, although many of their duties and responsibilities are similar. Campus Safety officers are considered citizens and only have the authority to make citizen arrests. Campus Safety Officers jurisdiction is restricted to the campus and university owned or leased property. Criminal incidents are referred to the Nampa Police Department.

Campus Safety Patrol Officers have the authority to ask persons for identification and determine whether individuals have lawful business at Northwest Nazarene University.  Campus Safety Officers have the authority to issue on campus moving and parking citations, which are collected through campus mail with the provided payment envelope. After five days, unpaid parking and moving violation fines are charged a five dollar late fee for every month not paid. All unpaid fines and late fees are turned over to the University Business Office and billed to financial accounts.

Our Campus Safety Patrol Division maintains a strong professional relationship with the Nampa Police Department, and when requested assists with campus related criminal investigations.