Department Report forms

Not sure which report to use? Please read the descriptions below and contact NNU Campus Safety if you need assistance with submitting an online report.

  • Alarm Report: Use if a building's alarm (either fire, trouble, or intrusion) has been tripped
  • Campus Theft: Use to submit an NNU Online Theft Report. Remember to submit an NPD report also. (If no items were stolen, enter as an Incident Report)
  • Contact Report: Use whenever a Campus Safety Officer receives a telephone call, confronts, or makes contact with an individual from either the NNU community or from the outside community. This report documents the conversation, the individual's actions, as well as the NNU Campus Safety Officer's response.
  • Vehicle Accident Report Form: Used to document automobile crashes.
  • Property: This report documents lost or found property. (If Property was Stolen, use Campus Theft Report)
  • Building Check Report: Used to document the Officer's actions while on patrol, and the times that the buildings were secured.
  • Witness Statement: Used to record a witness's statement of how a particular event occurred
  • Incident Report: To be used whenever one of the above reports is not relevant, i.e. Vandalism, Pranks, Emergency Response, etc.