terrorist attacks

Terrorist Attacks or other Disasters

These events could include terrorist attacks (chemical, biological, etc.) or nearby, more wide scale types of occurrences such as gas line ruptures or chemical spills. The initial detection of these possibilities will likely occur through responses to 911 calls, whether the calls are initiated on-campus or off-campus. The responses to these events will be coordinated with the local emergency responders through Campus Security.

In the event of such an attack or disaster, individuals should be ready to do any of the following that apply to the situation:

  • Notify Campus Security immediately (ext. 8911) if you notice any suspicious activities that might indicate a potential attack.
  • Notify Campus Wellness Center (ext. 8466) if you are ill, especially if you notice that others have similar symptoms.
  • Obey all instruction from University or local health officials if quarantine is determined to be necessary.
  • If you know (or have very good reason to believe) that a chemical agent has been sprayed into the air on or near the campus grounds, get into a building as soon as possible, close any open windows, and turn-off or block all heating and ventilation systems in the room you are in.
  • If you know or suspect that a chemical agent is being distributed or is likely to be distributed through a building’s heating and ventilation system, evacuate the building immediately.
  • If you suspect or know that you have come into contact with a chemical agent, shower as soon as possible and discard your outer clothing.
  • In the case of an explosion or fire, immediately evacuate the building you are in and proceed to your assembly area (also see fire and explosion pages above).
  • If you open mail that comes from an unknown person and contains an unusual substance (powder, stain, or unusual odor), tell others in the room with you or near your room to evacuate the building and contact Security (ext. 8911). Seek medical help immediately for evaluation to determine if you have been exposed to an infection disease or chemical agent. Do not return to the area/room of exposure until you have been notified that it is safe to do so.