severe weather

Severe Storm or Tornado

In the event of a severe weather event, such as a storm with strong winds and major amounts of rain and/or snow, which could cause flooding, falling trees, broken windows, and power outages; the following procedures are recommended:

If you are on the campus during such a storm:

  1. Stay in your office or classroom until the storm subsides.
  2. Stay away from windows.
  3. Due to high probability of dangerous conditions, DO NOT attempt to drive home.
  4. Call Campus Safety at 8911 for assistance if needed.

If you are in a residence hall:

  1. Stay in the redident hall.
  2. Do not attempt to drive on or off campus, due to possible dangerous driving conditions.
  3. Stay away from windows.
    1. If winds become dangerously strong, the Resident Assistants and Resident Directors will place duct tape on the appropriate windows.
    2. Students will be evacuated from rooms with taped windows.
  4. Call Campus Safety for assistance at 8911 if needed.

If Tornado Warnings are in effect (All of the above apply):

  1. Take shelter in interior hallways on lowest floors of the building where you are located.
  2. If possible take cover under sturdy table etc.  Protect yourself from possible falling objects or flying debris.
  3. DO NOT try to go from one building to another until notified that the 'Tornado Warning' is over.