personal crisis

Personal Crisis, Violent or Criminal Behavior

Everyone is asked to assist in making the campus a safe place by being alert to suspicious situations and promptly reporting them.  If you are a victim or a witness to dangerous behavior (a threat to life or properties, self inflicted or otherwise) on campus, remain calm, avoid any risk to your safety and take the following steps.

  1. Call 9-911 and the Campus Safety at 8911, be ready to give the requested information on:
    1. Location of the incident.
    2. Nature of the incident (rape, suicide, break-in, etc).
    3. Description of person(s) involved (in case of violent crime, do not put yourself in danger to get a description).
    4. Description of property involved.
  2. Assist the officers when they arrive by supplying them with all additional information and ask others to cooperate.
  3. Should gunfire, weapons, or explosives be involved, avoid the incident.   Take cover.  Leave your cover, or seek first aid for the injured only when safe to do so.  Call 9-911 and then Campus Safety at 8911 if violence of this nature is involved.