Incident Reporting

Incident and Crime Reporting

The Department of Campus Safety investigates campus related incidents, and notifies the Nampa Police Department when necessary. To ensure appropriate action is taken, it is imperative all incidents on campus are reported to the Campus Safety Department.

The University strongly encourages victims and witnesses to report all crimes and incidents to Campus Safety at once, regardless of their nature.  Prompt reporting of suspicious activity can avert crime.  If an individual's actions are out of character and you become suspicious, contact Campus Safety. A Campus Safety officer will assess the situation and take appropriate action.

Crimes occurring on the NNU campus can be reported immediately in person at the Campus Safety Office located at 515 S. Ivy Street, directly behind the Alimni House and, either via the Campus Safety web page where you can file an on-line form, or by calling Campus Safety any time of the day or night at 467-8911. Crime occurring off campus should be reported immediately to the Nampa Police Department by calling 465-2257.   For emergencies requiring police, fire, or medical aid call 911 immediately and then report the incident to Campus Safety.  An officer will respond and assist the proper authorities.

EMERGENCIES requiring police, fire, or medical aid, call 911. All emergencies must be reported to Campus Safety at 467-8911. Campus Safety personnel will respond to the emergency; assist emergency personnel, and if necessary contact any additional authorities.

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Reporting Campus Hazards

So personal injuries are kept to a minimum, we encourage you to contact the Campus Safety Department if you see any types of chemical or physical hazards on the NNU campus. With your help, Campus Safety will be able to assess the danger.